Top 5 - Why Asian business expansion often 'fails'

> success and bottom line contribution is wanted too fast, not enough time to build network, presence and long term commitmment as well as topline sustainably -> it often takes 3-5 years to reach a critical size in $ and team size

> market dynamics, speed as well as communication channels are very different -> Asia works on chat and online

> solution-focus instead of standalone product -> solution-focus needs to be 'planted' often as industry standard, not only at endcustomer also at an institutional level

> too little knowledge about the cultural background, calendar of events and day-to day live of locals -> Gong Xi Fa Cai in Februrary

> future concepts, strategic moves of local governments, offcial bodies often unknown therefore weaker midterm strategy and less awareness of support schemes, incentives and benefits -> strategic, senior staff on the ground