How to sell technical investment goods in Asia despite COVID-19?

Value add, technical advancement resulting in a solution and local installation and repair are main keys to

sell technical investment goods overseas.

An established network and trusted relationships are the basis for your commuication with partners and endcustomers especially in Asia.

If times change and you can´t travel you have to switch to remote communication.

It's key using the channels that your local contacts prefer, such as chat calls.

Furthermore keeping communication honest, empathic and regular is of utmost impotance. Often 'chit chat' covering more than business topics, is essential.

As teams worldwide are working remotely, staff changes, economies and rules are changing conastantly and people are less aligned, communication needs to be transparent, especially about the smell details, is key for signing deals during COVID times.

With changing parameter on country, state and even city level, business as well as consumer life evolves. Consequently identifying new trends and emerging business opportunities is part of each mangers task list.

Finetuning and adjusting the individual strategy for the respective Asian country or region will certainly show results in the next calendar- and business year to come.