Invest in an exhibition in Asia: yes or no?

FHA Singapore has been postponed, Hotelex Shanghai has been postponed due to Corona virus. Exhibition formats like FHA have changed. The Show is split in different dates, broken down in segments equipment and F&B. Some industry peers say: "We dont do FHA anymore.".

Invest in a booth or not ? I think it's not possible to answer in general however a few learnings:

1)If you decide to do it, do it right: big booth, active, live - small booth and simple design is often interpreted as a 'small company' - status and size often play a role in Asia

2) Get local: people who speak the local language, be prepared that future customers, contacts want to talk and be addressed with marketing material in their own language

3) Made in Germany is a value add, but being located in the German Pavillon does not make the exhibition a success

A few more observations and trends:

1)Professionals are well connected online: LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram - is daily business and source of information

2) Industry specific platforms that connect decisions makers, suppliers, industry network virtually

3) new formats such as: collaboration between different brands showing a solution or targeting a special customer group, with special products in a rather educational or recreational approach than a sales format

product, brand, service and therefore company know in Asia (the country