Everything on the go - shopping, chatting, e-banking....

Monday morning, Sat afternoon, Sunday lunch time - the MRT in Singapore is full of people. It is the same picture every time I take the MRT - 99% of the people have a smart phone in their hand: to play, to check mails and news and to order or buy on the go.

everything on the go - shopping, chatting, e-banking...

When talking to friends, business people and affluent adults in Singapore they agree, a lot of daily tasks are performed via mobile device: chatting, ordering a taxi or Uber, sending some money, ordering households goods, shopping a present for a friend, socializing and playing or paying by phone...

Shopping and organizing daily matters to the go is obvious in Singapore and part of daily life and part of a very dynamic and flexible country.

The fast, quick and easy approach repeats itself also in a business context. To open a company it needs 15 minutes. You need a mobile device and an internet connection.



1) In Singapore you will find wifi almost everywhere. There is a very high penetration of mobile devices. The technical ecosystem is in place.

2) In general people are familiar with bargaining, interested in having access to value deals for desired quality and status items.

3) In general people are used to live in a very dynamic and efficient place and having access to almost all kinds of services 24/7.

The technical ecosystem paired with the traits of people as well as the dynamism of country creates an environment that sometimes feels like an obligation to the individual: To be and to stay up-to-date and connected and on the go!

On the other side it offers business potential for companies and the government.