Convenience Stores in Asia - Coffee Shop, restaurant and charging station

Hong Kong downtown: on every corner there is a convenience store. The shop is open from morning to late night. It offers the busy people freshly brewed coffee in the morning, a hot meal for lunch, an ice cream or frozen yogurt, all kinds of snacks and necessities at reasonable prices. Now, more stores provide charging stations for phones and tablets. With sufficient space outlets offer seating capacity for customers to rest. In the fast paste day-to day life the convenience store seems to be the place to:

  • rest and recharge devices

  • while enjoying a fresh drink, a fresh, hot meal and snacks at reasonable prices at any time,

  • shop essentials for every day

What does it mean for the retailer?

The shops are keen to provide a wide range of:

  • quality and fresh products,

  • single portions ready to eat meals

  • quick-self- serve solutions.

The self-serve concept is essential as the store operator is engaged with the checkout. Working with limited staff, frequent transactions and rather higher margins help the retailer to sustain the business and setting of high retail rents. It is a business about volume and speed. Deciding, approving and launching new products can be done within 6 weeks and during all times at the year. Forward the retailer might be more open to work directly with suppliers in order to cut the margin of distributors.

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