3 Activities to accelerate your knowledge about Asia and increase your contacts in Asia

Same procedure as every year

September is the typical month for business planning and forecasting: quantitative and qualitative measure are compiled.

The sales forecast and business in Europe is getting tighter year by year.

The way to grow business for many is to increase export and invest in new market, mainly overseas: the Americas and Asia.

3 activities to accelerate your knowledge about and your contacts in Asia

1.) Clearly define your focus countries in Asia. The region is huge. The countries are diverse in all aspects.

2.) Use official sources and institutions for example the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK).

Often your local IHK does events and provides speakers from various places in Asia within the year. This allows you to get first-hand knowledge, built quickly some contacts or meet consultants that have lived in your target country before.

3.) Gain knowledge through a consultancy company that offers business development or consultancy services specifically for your target markets. Look out for experienced people who have lived in your focus country. On top of their experience they will have a network and are often able to:

> Bridge different Western and Asian culture

> Propose activities in Asia based on facts, network and gained experience

> Avoid common traps and pitfalls

On a personal level experienced people are often well-rounded persons with personal traits such as bravery, curiosity and dynamism.

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