3 Actions to improve business with distributors in Asia

It’s September again - the usual month for budget planning and forecasting.

Estimating forecasts and sales figures for Asia?

Increasing numbers on the paper – that is done fast.

How could you really accelerate your business in Asia when working with distributors?

  1. Make the distributor feel important – have you given them an official distributor certificate or any other award?

  2. Create a yearly sales target for each distributor. Communicate it. Maybe kick-off the year jointly. Set a clear sales reporting. Prepare incentives when certain levels of fulfillment are reached.

  3. Hire a local trustee. That is ideally a person that lives in the Asian region, knows your industry and is familiar with your preferred reporting style.The trustee regularly empowers and pushes the distributor, potentially finds direct clients and reports to you in a professional manner.

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