Expanding your business to Asia? - 5 reasons why to work with an experienced professional that lived

Today when talking about “Mittelstand goes Asia” there are a lot of hard facts. A lot of help is available such as market studies, organizations, internet portals, congresses and so on.

What seems more difficult for SME’s is having:

  • access to the right people,

  • getting a foot in the new market and

  • sustainable growing the business in Asia.

Often the question is “Who could take on the business set up and development in Asia”.

  • The experienced sales director?-He has family and doesn’t want to travel more than 20%

  • A younger employee with some experience? He could be built up.He has motivation, speaks English fluently – but can he really manage?

  • A local person in Asia on the ground? – He speaks German and was educated in Germany. He will know how to report and must be trustful.

There is no right and no wrong.

Working and living in Asia for many years meant: A foreigner in a different world at the beginning - being exposed to a different system legally as well as socially and culturally. Making life work and enjoyable in Asia required:

  • Perform at work – else local people will be preferred.

  • Accept, be open and truthful.

Performance, trust and longevity will help to create a network. The network will support making right decisions and /or create access to the right people. Over years the foreigner will understand the mechanism in the system and in the market.

On the cultural level it requires openness, flexibility and being receptive. Over time certain things become part of daily life. It sharpens individual senses.

With experience at work, cultural insights as well as with the art of making a living, the former foreigner integrates and is truly able to:

  1. Bridge different Western and Asian culture

  2. Take decisions in Asia based on facts, network and gained experience

  3. Avoid traps and pitfalls in Asia

  4. Uncover blackspots in a Western organization from outside, contributes to change and innovation

  5. Is a more rounded person with personal traits such as bravery, curiosity and dynamism

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